Welcome to my Setlist

Im a huge Techno and Electro fan and i collect Dj Sets from my favourite Djs. Sets from Radio Shows, Parties and Promo Mixes.

My favourite Djs are:     


Techno - Ben Sims, Paul Mac, Pacou, Oscar Mulero, Miss Djax, Ritzi Lee, Dj Ze Mig-L, Inigo Kennedy and all Djs playing real Techno. Im not a fan of Minimal and Klick Klack Techno :D 


Electro - Dj Sonic, Exzakt, Dj Xed, N-ter , Dj Stingray, Prolif, Umwelt, Dj R21 ...



If you need something that i have, contact me and if it is possible, ill upload it.


We can share, if you have something im looking for. Just send me your Setlist or a link to your page.